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There are multiple ways to get a quote based on a few factors.


  • New cabinets
    If you are getting new cabinets you should receive a drawing showing actual cabinet sizes in a plan view. This would be the drawing we would need to quote from.
  • Existing cabinets
    See below to show how to measure your existing cabinets to get an accurate quote.


Here is a short primer on how to sketch your kitchen…

To produce an accurate quote we will need a basic sketch of your kitchen

What tools will you need?


Or download this graph paper to make drawing your kitchen layout easier: LAYOUT GRAPH PAPER


Drawing your kitchen is easy!

The drawing doesn’t have to be crazy precise, we are looking for dimensions rounded up to nearest inch. We will take exact measurements and make a template pattern later.


We prefer all the dimensions at the back wall, you can also add front sizes if you prefer. there is never too many numbers.

Show where the Refrigerator, dishwasher,  stove or cook top location are, We also will need the center line of the sink measured off a wall.

You can always take pictures of your kitchen and bring with you, this will help visualize details and also give us a view of colors that may come into play such as cabinet color, floor type, paint color etc.

Some people will bring in an actual cabinet door, floor tile or wood, paint swatches etc. to match up exactly with the slabs and tile, this is the best way to check the true color match.

We will need to know whether you will be using tile for the back splash or if you want the quote to include a 4″ back splash, using the counter-top material.

If you are undecided we can quote with and without splash and you can decide later.

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